This are the conditions of families living in Nicaragua. It is very sad that we have comunities where it is normal to live without water and sanitation. We are commited to help them ,not only changing their infraestructure but also giving education to change habits that can help to improve their health.

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Hello Academic and Scientific world!

Hello, readers! Welcome. This blog is authored by a blogger named “Endorphin”. She is a researcher, who is doing a doctorate degree in Public Health and Biomedical Research somewhere in the universe.

 Her primary professional and research interest respond to the concern about how health professions can respond to the environment commitment, that everybody must create from the perspective of the different disciplines.

 She wants to share what she has been reading and learning, she blogs about books, journal articles, and any other pieces related to Public Health and Environment that she finds interesting.

Endorphin© means: Environment, Development or Public Health (included).

 Endorphin hopes that you find the content interesting. Enjoy!

 *The image on this blog’s banner is an Anemone (Anemona in Spanish) taken by John Arango in the Rosario’s Island, Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

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